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Now that the holidays are over winter is just COLD. The only thing I am looking forward to is a sunny and warm day! We are getting a polar vortex or something that is some kind of awful coming our way and I can't help but day dream about being in a tropical location... or honestly, just anywhere that isn't -20 degrees! I think it is safe to say that I have caught the winter blues! I've put together a list of some of the warm and beautiful places Ryan and I have travelled that I can not wait to go back to to help boost your mood!

If you guys have been following for a while you know that my family has gone to Aruba yearly since I was a baby. It is one of my FAVORITE places in the world and I can't wait to get back there. I seriously want to continue this tradition when Ryan and I have kids! Not only is it not super expensive, but it is also beautiful and the locals of the island are the nicest people - probably why they call it ONE HAPPY ISLAND!

If it was up to Ryan we would probably never go anywhere else besides Costa Rica! We have been a bunch of times and hope to one day own property down there. The best thing about Costa Rica is that you can go from exploring hanging bridges in a cloud forest to climbing a volcano to laying on a pristine beach in just a few days!

There are plenty of places in the U.S. where you can cure your mid-winter slump. The Florida Keys, aka "America's Caribbean Islands," are a great and budget friendly destination. My favorite of the Keys is Key West, and I visited with my family last winter. You can get a taste of the beach as well as some great history.

One of my favorite trips in the US that Ryan and I have taken together was our trip out to Big Sur. While it wasn't super warm when we went, it is beautiful in ANY season and right now would probably be an amazing time to go! Wouldn't you rather have 60 degree weather than -20! C'mon!

I know it sounds crazy but this cold and dreary weather can really affect your mood. I really believe that the only cure is to flip your negative attitude upside down with some tropical travel! Even just planning a trip and having something to look forward can get you out of your mid-winter slump!

Do you have any recommendations of where we can go next to put some pep in our step?!

xoxo. Alexandra


Hey guys! My name is

Alexandra Dempsey, I am 31 years old and live in Stowe, Vermont.

I recently decided to start this blog to give you all a look into the life of a tour wife - the highs, the lows, and EVERYTHING in between!

My rock star husband, Ryan Dempsey

of Twiddle, stands by me every step

of the way as we journey on this whirlwind we like to call the "tour life."

Follow along on my travels, hear

stories from fellow tour wives, and

earn about some of my favorite things. Hope you enjoy and

thanks so much for reading!!

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