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Hey guys! Happy Sunday! A few days ago Ryan and I decided to do a marriage Q&A and got a ton of questions from you guys on Instagram! I picked as many of my favorite questions as I could so here goes!

Who made the first move? How did you guys meet?

Ryan: I made the first move after she yelled at me about joking around on Facebook, making up a false story that Barbara Walters died. I thought it was so cute that she cared so much about Barbara Walters enough to storm me with angry messages. Then I asked for her number, and we talked for two weeks before we met. I actually put up we were in a relationship in Facebook before we even met. Hahah!

Alex: Barbara Walters was a big part of my life! We always used to watch 20/20 growing up so when he said that I kind of freaked out. And when I saw she was still alive I was like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?

What was the most awkward thing to do in front of each other at the beginning of your relationship?

Ryan: Kidnapping and killing people in my garage. She got used to it after a while.

Alex: Dealing with his sense of humor is always awkward... clearly!

How long did you date before getting married? When did you know it was the right time to get married?

Ryan: I asked her to marry me secretly 3 months into the relationship. I said I didn’t have a ring. She said you could have a piece of tissue paper and I would say yes. Then I went and got a tissue and wrapped it around her finger. We officially got engaged though in front of Trey Anastasio at Lockn Festival and then AGAIN on Eagle Rock Mountain where Twiddle lived in college.

Alex: I think if I didn't make it to the top of Eagle Rock he was ready to call it quits! But considering I climbed all the way to the top without dying and "passed the test," I would say that's how we knew it was the right time to get married ;). Also, a lot of people gave us grief for our relationship, so us not allowing that to affect us and not caring what people thought was a sign that it was right!

How is your life now compared to when you were just dating?

Ryan: Nothing’s different. Still in love. She just doesn’t come to as many shows anymore because we bought a house and a bar and she manages those things while I’m on tour.

Alex: I have to agree - nothing has changed much except for all of the new experiences we have had and our new responsibilities.

What is the next vacation you are planning? Where would you love to go if you could go anywhere?

Ryan: We are going to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. I would love to see Bali, Iceland, and Ireland one day.

Alex: Aside from trips we are taking for music, St. Thomas is a big trip that we are planning. I've been wanting to go to Bali FOREVER and we were supposed to go on our honeymoon but there was a volcanic eruption so we had to reschedule. I'm hoping that we can go there some time this year.

Have you ever had life happen and question whether or not you would make it?

Ryan: Only when she watches Real Housewives. It’s embarrassing.

Alex: I think I am lucky that Ryan is so honest with me because dating a musician can be rough. It's hard that he's away a lot, but the upside is that when he is away I have a clean house! Also, I trust him so I don't have to worry about him when he is on tour... unless he breaks a bone or something!

How long have you been together?

Almost 4 years - we became Facebook Official on April 22, 2015!

Do you guys fight a lot? What do you guys do when you fight? What are your tips for avoiding/resolving fights in the best way possible?

Ryan: Communication is everything. Never let an issue linger or it will infest the relationship. Fighting usually only happens, too, when alcohol is involved.

Alex: We only really fight over stupid things but we talk it out then and there and resolve it. It's really important to not go to bed angry if possible.

How do you approach each other with a problem when upset with one another?

Ryan: We don’t ever hold back. Honesty is everything.

Alex: Ryan has such good answers!

What do you do to keep it working aka the secret to a happy marriage?

Ryan: Travel. Netflix. Going to shows. Working together. Sex.

Alex: I think the fact that we actually enjoy spending time together is the key to our happy marriage. I want to travel the world with him and want to try to go on tour whenever I can. He supports me in what I do and I support him in what he does.

What is the hardest/best part about being married?

Ryan: Being on the road away from her.

Alex: Since he said the hardest part... I think the best part is having someone you love to go on adventures with!

What are your biggest pet peeves about each other?

Ryan: She watches stupid reality shows like Real Housewives. It bothers me more than anything. And she tries to be a detective about many things that don’t matter. I wish she would plan less and live more freely on things and go with the flow.

Alex: He doesn't clean up after himself in the kitchen, which drives me crazy! If he cooks something I will go in the kitchen hours later and all of the ingredients will still be out and the pans and dishes will be crusted with food. AND HE WON'T DO THE DISHES!

What is your favorite thing about each other and why?

Ryan: Her ability to keep my life in check and help me with organization. And her beautiful eyes.

Alex: His sense of humor, how kind he is to people (even strangers!), and how talented he is at everything he does.

Are you thinking of having kids soon?


I hope you enjoyed this post! If your questions didn't make the cut ask them below in the comments! We would love to answer more :)

xoxo. Alexandra

photography: Jacquelyn Potter


Hey guys! My name is

Alexandra Dempsey, I am 31 years old and live in Stowe, Vermont.

I recently decided to start this blog to give you all a look into the life of a tour wife - the highs, the lows, and EVERYTHING in between!

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