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The World Cup is a huge event in Vermont so when Twiddle got asked to play on the day of the Finals we were all SO EXCITED! We were just coming off of a 2-night run at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY so Ryan and I left immediately after the second show and drove through the night. Killington gave us a beautiful chalet in the Highridge village for the night so we checked in early and got some rest before the show. The chalet was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You can head to my World Cup highlight on the @tourwifetourlife Instagram to see a full tour!

If you've never been to Vermont's Killington Resort, it is the largest ski and snowboard resort in Eastern North America and for the past four years it has hosted the Audi FIS Ski Women’s World Cup. This year was super exciting because Mikaela Shriffin was going to be racing. I had never been to a ski race so I didn't know what I was in for! There were over 11,000 people there on Sunday so there was such a big crowd for the Twiddle show. It was pretty surreal to hear so many people screaming the words to Hattie's Jam > When It Rains It Pours - it really gets me every time! Plus, being outside in the snow dancing in all of your ski gear is pretty fun! Since they played during the intermission of the big slalom competition we were able to watch a bunch of races afterwards, including the main event which Mikaela Shriffin WON! It was so exciting!

After the races we headed back to the chalet for some pool and hot tubbing before Twiddle's evening show at the Pickle Barrel. I was also super excited about this show because I had never been to the Pickle Barrel and it is such an important venue in Twiddle's history! They gave tickets to a lot of the Killington employees and volunteers so it was a PACKED house! To be honest I think there was sweat dripping from the ceiling! HAHA! The show was amazing and they even jammed out a First Tube tease - my favorite song ever.

You can relive my memories from that day by heading to the @tourwifetourlife Instagram and watching the World Cup highlight - so many good videos from both of the shows! Here are the setlists:

Setlist (via PT Twiddle)

Killington Resort

Set: Wildfire, Daydream Farmer, Polluted Beauty, Amydst The Myst, Beethoven and Greene, Hattie’s Jam> When It Rains It Pours, Every Soul, Lost In The Cold

The Pickle Barrel

Set One: Slippin In The Kitchen, Doinkinbonk!!!, Apples > Mamunes The Faun [1], Life Back Now, The Catapillar, Too Many Puppies, Moments, Just Gravy [2], D’yer Mak’er [2], Nicodemus Portulay > Shakedown Street

Encore: Ghostbusters

  • [1] – w/ Wiley Griffin

  • [2] – w/ DJ Logic

It being my first time in Killington, first time at a ski competition, and first time at the Pickle Barrel I couldn't have asked for a better day! I really want to head back to Killington next winter and ski and stay at the resort for more than just a night!

xoxo. Alexandra



Hey guys! My name is

Alexandra Dempsey, I am 31 years old and live in Stowe, Vermont.

I recently decided to start this blog to give you all a look into the life of a tour wife - the highs, the lows, and EVERYTHING in between!

My rock star husband, Ryan Dempsey

of Twiddle, stands by me every step

of the way as we journey on this whirlwind we like to call the "tour life."

Follow along on my travels, hear

stories from fellow tour wives, and

earn about some of my favorite things. Hope you enjoy and

thanks so much for reading!!

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