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Gift Guide for THE MUSIC LOVER

I hope you guys enjoyed my Gift Guide for HER and Gift Guide for HIM!- feel free to reference those guides when shopping for the special girls and guys in your life! REMINDER: You can click on the product photos to browse the different options for each product or purchase right away!

For my next gift guide I am tackling gifts for people like me and you ... MUSIC LOVERS! The Gift Guide for THE MUSIC LOVER has a ton of fun and original gifts for the music lover in your life to use when they are living the #tourlife or at home!

Keep in mind most of these gift guides can interlap - because of course, many of us here are music lovers on a budget and many of the gifts are suitable for both women and men! Plus we still have two more to go: The Gift Guide for THE WHOLE FAMILY and Girl On A Budget: Sweaters Under $50 (PS: I own every single sweater on there WHOOPS!)!


This game is FULL of amazing "behind the music" trivia! It features 400 multiple choice questions covering EVERYTHING MUSIC, with answers adding or subtracting IQ points from your score. It's definitely a fun game for all of your music-loving friends and family! I wonder what my IQ would be?!



I absolutely love this necklace and really want one for myself (If anyone is listening!!).

Made from copper and brass, this pendant plays beautiful notes when you breathe in or out into it through your mouth. I can see it being super therapeutic and stress-reducing! It is even tuned to 528hz, which is believed to be a healing frequency.



These rocking record glasses would be the perfect addition to any music lovers home! Inspired by classic colored vinyl records, the glasses are designed to create movement, so they LITERALLY rock!



Not sure if I am the only one that wants to be Page McConnell of Phish and has wanted one of these ever since my first show! This is an instrument I could actually get good at! Experiment with wacky and weird noises and channel your inner musician! PS: I am sure you can get a cheaper one but why not go with the best in the business - MOOG!



A friend of ours brought this adorable instrument to our housewarming party and we couldn't get enough of it! All you have to do is squeeze its cheek to hear some extremely bizarre sounds!



Give the gift that keeps on giving: hearing loss prevention! This is not even a joke, though - it is super important to protect your ears if you are a frequent concertgoer!



We have this turntable in our house and love it! You can take it with you anywhere because, aside from playing vinyls, it also plays MP3s! Definitely a great gift for the music lover who is always traveling!



This ultimate compendium of a half century of the best music is a highly readable list of the most important and the most influential pop albums from 1955 through today. The epic bucket list of a book!



Take your music everywhere with the Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker that streams your music playlists, news and other audio in the shower. Not only is it water-resistant but it also pops in and out of the showerhead for easy recharging or use outside the shower space.


I hope you guys love these gifts as much as I do! If you guys have any gifts that you LOVE and think my readers, or even ME!, would love ... please share in the comments!

xoxo. Alexandra

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