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For the longest time when getting my nails done I would do a gel manicure - super fast, easy and convenient since I would only have to go get them redone every 2-3 weeks. But every time I went back my nails were getting weaker and weaker. I had been hearing about powder dip nails for a while and knew I wanted to dry them. It's been a few months of doing powder dip and my nails are actually strong and long! I'm not a nail technician so everything I am about to tell you is only from my own experience...

What is dip?

The dip powder is basically a small tub of colored powder. The nail technician will dip your nails into the powder rather than paint them with liquid polish.

How long does it take?

I know they always say getting your nails done is relaxing, but I don't want to be at the nail salon for hours either! The great thing about a powder dip manicure is its faster than getting gel and, in my opinion, it lasts longer!

How long does it typically last?

This is probably a little different for everyone but I know for me my manicure usually lasts a solid 2-3 weeks. My nails are usually still in pretty good shape when I go to get them redone, but they have grown out a bit and are most likely too long by then!

Is it bad for your nails?

This is only my opinion - I know it probably isn't the healthiest for your nails, but... my nails definitely feel stronger after taking it off than they did when I would get a gel manicure. That being said, it's always good to take a break once in a while to let your nails breathe.

How are they removed?

The nail technician will start by removing whatever polish you have on, and if it is gel or powder they will soak your nails in acetone to break down the polish. Next they will use an electric file or buffer to get the remaining polish off. Once all the polish is removed, they file and prep your nails to apply the powder.

What to ask for?

I always ask for an almond shape nail, but I also love square. I will also ask the nail technician to make my nails on the thinner side. Since sometimes they will dip each nail 3-4 times you may need to ask for them to make them thinner after dipping!

It is seriously so much better! My nails look cute for longer and they don't chip! Couldn't ask for more. Have you tried powder dip manicures? Did you love it as much as I do?

xoxo. Alexandra

PS: This nail color is OPI 183 and I get my nails done at Bella Vie Nail Spa in Williston, VT!



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